Following her ‘f—ing c–t’ remark to another writer, ESPN fires an MLB reporter.


After calling a different MLB reporter who tried to interview Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees a “f—ing c–t,” Marly Rivera was fired from ESPN.


Last week at Yankee Stadium, Rivera, who covered the Yankees and participated in ESPN’s national baseball broadcasts, used the pejorative word about Ivón Gaete.


According to the New York Post, Rivera interviewed Judge during set-up while the Yankees were visiting the Los Angeles Angels. Gaete attempted to interview Judge in the Bronx while reporting for Tokyo Broadcasting alongside Shohei Ohtani, despite Rivera’s protests that her interview had already been set.
Gaete, the wife of MLB Vice President of Communications John Blundell, was the target of Rivera’s remark, which was captured on camera.

Fox News Digital received the following comment from ESPN: “She no longer works here.”

According to Rivera, “I fully accept responsibility for what I said, which I should not have,” he told the Post. Although there were mitigating circumstances, this in no way justifies my behavior.

However, Rivera did mention that she feels like a rival has “singled her out.”

I am being targeted by a group of people with whom I have a long history of professional differences. I am a professional with a great reputation in baseball.
Judge was the subject of an interview with Rivera last year that went viral after she asked him a somewhat awkward question about his upcoming free agency (he ultimately re-signed with the Yankees).

Rivera provided Judge the opportunity to calm Jacob down by telling him a tale about a friend of his who has a kid named Jacob who was worried about the reports that Judge would be leaving the Bronx at the end of the previous season.

“Jacob, friend, this squad has a lot of terrific Yankees. Don’t be upset because there are many outstanding Yankees who will be in the league for a very long time, he advised. I hope you become a lifelong Judge fan.”



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