Guido: “The change has not reached the stomach, nor the pocket of the majority of Dominicans.”


Santo Domingo, DR: The candidate for the presidential candidacy for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Guido Gómez Mazara, regretted this Thursday that the economic growth that President Luis Abinader presented in his memoirs on February 27 is not reflected in the citizen’s pocket.


The political leader said that the only thing that has caused economic growth in the current situation is a deepening of inequality levels.


“The change has not reached the stomach, nor the pocket of the majority of Dominicans.” He referred to last year’s growth, the result of which was 7% lower than that of 2021, which according to the politician significantly affected purchasing power by 20%.

Guido Gómez recognized that the Government is making a great effort to alleviate the crisis. However, the subsidies reached 86 billion pesos and the inflationary factor in popular consumption items was impacted by 32 percent.

“The call made by the president to the salary commission, for a salary increase to be made, since 77% of the employees, both in the public and private sectors, receive salaries of less than RD$30,000 per month.

Gómez Mazara, who is also a lawyer, was surprised that President Luis Abinader has not mentioned Dominicans abroad when they are a fundamental part of the economy, making a vital contribution to remittances, which are estimated at between 10% and 11% of GDP, which at certain times have been the basic support for social stability.

He asserted that the spectacle of transferring a racket of vociferous continuos to the National Congress was in bad taste and a lackluster act.



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