Puerto Rican At-Large Councilor Candidate Luz Colon Seeks Philadelphia City Council Seat


By Polon Vasquez
PHILADELPHIA, PA—The exclusive Hispanic restaurant **Café Liz** was the special place chosen by the well-known Latino community leader, Luz Colon, to celebrate her political campaign party, with which she seeks to add voters that allow them to obtain a seat in Philadelphia City Council, as a candidate for Council Member At-Large.
At the political party space they occupied, their campaign directors, different friendly personalities, and townspeople who support their civic project were present there, enjoying a healthy and happy atmosphere.

Around 60 Hispanic people, good friends and acquaintances of Luz Colon, greatly enjoyed the food and drinks. They were able to personally greet their community leader, who guaranteed they would vote for her in the next municipal elections of the Fraternal City.
The outstanding Hispanic Announcer Washington Party, acting as Master of Ceremony, presented Luz Colon, who congratulated and at the same time thanked her special guests infinitely for having attended her political campaign party.

“Right now, the city of Philadelphia urgently needs to elect younger, more dynamic, more political municipal officials and much more in line with the new political and information current of this new century that has recently begun,” said Luz Colon, the renowned community leader. Puerto Rican from Philadelphia, with over 25 years of work in Pennsylvania.


“If the voters and electors of Philadelphia who already have the right to elect and be elected, favor me with their votes, I will propose some legislative projects in the Municipal Council, with which I will seek economic resources to encourage the education of our youth, increase the number of police officers on the streets and thus considerably reduce the high rates of armed violence, street crime and sale of hallucinogenic substances in poor sectors of Philadelphia,” pointed out Luz Colon.

During the well-attended political campaign party at 5437 North Lawrence Street in Philadelphia, they were present; Political Chronicler Bernardo Cervantes Ariza, Esther Alvares, Jesus Zorrilla, Rosi Adames, Edison Agurodo, Leanel Ortiz, Reymond Adames, Roque Ivan Rondon Castro and many others.


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