Robert F. Kennedy openly condemns Trump’s removal from Colorado’s ballot.


(The author is a Latin consultant for American Values 2024)

New York: Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., supported by the American Values 2024 Super Pac, penned a brief letter to his followers, which has been disseminated through his X account and email, accessed by El Faro Latino. In the letter, he expresses his condemnation of the decision made by Colorado authorities to remove former President Donald Trump from the state’s electoral ballot.

“I have openly expressed my condemnation of President Trump’s removal from the Colorado electoral ballot by the Colorado Supreme Court. It was wrong and is extremely dangerous,” Kennedy wrote on the X social platform.

“In a democracy, voters are supposed to decide who takes office. In authoritarian countries, voters can only choose from a list of candidates approved by the government. We must not allow the United States to move further in that direction,” Bobby Kennedy concludes.

In his statement, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said, “If Democrats don’t like Trump, then it would be great to defeat him at the polls.

“The Establishment is also betting that Kennedy will only appear on the ballots of some 50 states.

The U.S. bipartisan system is structured so that independent candidates have to invest significant money to appear on the ballots of all 50 states. The first obstacle of this nature that RFK Jr. faced was in Salt Lake, Utah, where he had to file a federal lawsuit against state officials, claiming they were imposing restrictions on his candidacy. According to the complaint, Kennedy Jr. points to Vice Governor Deidre Henderson and State of Utah Elections Director Ryan Cowley for enforcing an “unconstitutional early deadline imposed only on unaffiliated independent candidates for the Office of the President of the United States.” After the complaint was formalized, Vice Governor Deidre Henderson reversed course and lifted the rules she wanted to impose to prevent Bobby from appearing on the state ballot.

These kinds of maneuvers intensified to prevent Kennedy from appearing on state electoral ballots; while candidates from both parties automatically appeared on the ballots, Kennedy did not. He must gather support in all 50 states to be listed.

Mark Gorton, founder of American Values 2024, says RFK Jr. needs 1% to 1.5% of the voter universe each month.

Mark Gorton, co-founder of American Values 2024 Super Pac, said in an interview with CNN that independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. faces the challenge of garnering the support of 1% to 1.5% of the American political spectrum’s voter universe each month to enter the upcoming 2024 elections strongly.

“Our candidate will have to demonstrate viability to voters by steadily increasing his support in polls to have a realistic chance of winning the elections. I feel he has a chance to achieve a historic surprise. I believe Bobby must be at least 1% and 1.5% in the polls within a year to be seen as viable as anyone. We need 1% or 1.5% of the electorate every month. We are confident in its feasibility. The United States is waking up to a new political reality, and independent RFK Jr. is more in touch with real Americans than any of the candidates from the major parties,” Mark Gorton told CNN.

Therefore, American Values Super Pac is currently investing $15 million in hiring specialized companies for signature collection in critical states such as Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New York, and Texas to ensure that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appears on the ballots in these crucial electoral jurisdictions.



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