“They stole so much money to end up scared like rats,” says Faride Raful of those involved in the Calamar case


SANTO DOMINGO.- The senator of the National District for the PRM, Faride Raful, attacked the defendants in corruption cases, whom she called “thieves, shameless, shameless and scared rats” during her intervention in yesterday’s session Tuesday.


“We have not realized the damage we have done to this country that these corrupt, thieves, scoundrels have left this country with an accumulated social debt, which is why we have extreme poverty, marginalization, hospitals without equipment, debts to suppliers…” said the legislator.


Likewise, she said that “the shameless” have put this country in their pocket and “have pointed out to many of us that we live here with dignity from work and have wanted to equalize us politically.”

In addition, she called those who say it is political persecution to attack corruption as this government does “blameless.”

“I hope that all those who have to fall fall, because what we are seeing is rottenness, disgustingness, baseness, filthiness… so much money stolen from the Dominican State to end up scared like rats in a corridor of the Judiciary,” emphasized the Senator Raful.

The PRM congresswoman called on officials from all parties, including the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), to see themselves in the mirror of the prisoners.

“To the political class that has subsisted in this country for years, to the businessmen who have enriched themselves with the people’s money and to the new generations, this is as far as we have to go, and to the current officials, including those of my party, to all , that they see the mirror of what is happening, because those of us who are committed to this country of decency are not going to allow this to go backwards, many are missing, they are not all who are there,” added Faride.



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