A 4-year-old boy dies from injuries caused by a traffic accident in Bridgeport, Connecticut.


Bridgeport, CT: According to his family, a 4-year-old boy who was seriously injured in a crash in Bridgeport earlier this week died Friday.


“I still can’t believe it,” said Noah Rodriguez’s mother, Ashley Aquino.


“Our brave little son, Noah, was continually receiving medical attention at Yale Children’s Hospital in New Haven, where he passed away, surrounded by his loving family,” Rodriguez’s family of Bridgeport said in a statement to News 12 Connecticut.

The boy’s death occurred two days after a two-car rollover accident in Bridgeport on Monday off Boston Avenue. Chelsy Naesha Torres, the 24-year-old aunt of Noah, also died in the accident.

“It’s not easy the loss I’ve received; I just lost my other half,” Aquino, 23, said of her sister on Wednesday, News 12 Connecticut reported.

Joining Torres in the passenger seat was Aquino. Aquino admitted Wednesday that she “just freaked out” when her youngest son was placed next to her.

Aquino expressed her gratitude to God for her four years with her son in an off-camera interview Saturday.

Guests paid their respects at a memorial service for Torres, which also honored Rodríguez.
Aquino claimed she was in the vehicle’s back seat with her 1-year-old brother Noel when a Buick rear-ended it, causing it to roll over.

She posted a video of Noel stating that they had also sustained serious injuries but were now “stable and on the road to recovery.”

After what Aquino called the most agonizing week of her life, it was a sign of hope that she returned home alive.

The family created a support page to raise money for Noah’s funeral; click here: GoFundMe.

The other car’s driver was also hospitalized, according to police, who are currently conducting their investigation. Until Saturday night, they weren’t sure about his health.



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