Deputies approve a bill that establishes mandatory electronic invoicing.


Santo Domingo, DR: The Chamber of Deputies approved in first reading the electronic invoicing bill of the Dominican Republic that seeks to implement this collection format in a mandatory manner for all natural and legal persons in the country.

The project, deposited by the Executive Branch, also intends to regulate electronic invoicing and establish its tax system.
The piece also indicates that people who try to hack the tax system created from the possible promulgation of this piece will be penalized with sanctions, with fines of up to 10 years in prison and 400 minimum wages.

Similarly, it establishes one year for taxpayers to adapt to the electronic invoicing system.


The project covers all physical and legal taxpayers, both public and private, and entities that carry out transfers of goods, deliveries in use, and request and lease services for consideration or free of charge.

After being approved in the first reading, the piece was sent to a commission to modify the second sanction.


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