In the face of massive complaints, the TSJE recalls that assisted voting is prohibited in elections in Paraguay this Sunday.


Asunción, Paraguay: In the early hours of election day, the largest report denounced by the electorate was assisted voting for older adults in the dark rooms, where the voting machines are.

Paraguay is a Mediterranean country located in the south-central zone of South America, bordering Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. Its Capital is Asuncion.

Given this panorama, the members of the TSJE reminded the general public that this modality is only allowed for blind people or people with some physical impediment that prevents them from using the voting machine.


Jorge Bogarín, head of the electoral body, was very clear when mentioning that an older person cannot enter accompanied.

“There are people who move slowly or with a cane and want assistance, that is prohibited. You don’t have to come accompanied,” he said.

Added to this are the long lines that register at various polling stations because many people spend several minutes in the dark room, so Bogarín asked to be “patience” in the face of the massive turnout.

In this sense, the head of the TSJE stated that they received a report in which it was denounced that a person took more than five minutes in the voting room.

Faced with this situation, he once again urged people over 65 to first resort to the Help Desk to practice and master the operation of the voting machine.


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