Mayor Roberto L. Alves Holds Face-to-Face Meeting with Danbury Communities


Danbury, Connecticut: Mayor Roberto L. Alves held an incredible meeting on the evening of Thursday, March 21, with various leaders representing the extensive ethnic diversity found within this city. The conference addressed multiple topics affecting Danbury residents.


Mayor Alves and members of the Danbury City Council responded to and instructed the community leaders present at the event on the proposals, complaints, and concerns expressed separately.



Mayor Roberto L. Alves, a Democrat who made history with a surprising victory over Republican Dean Esposito, ending a 22-year dynasty of municipal administration in Danbury. Born to a Brazilian mother and Portuguese father, he has lived in Danbury since he was five when his family immigrated from Brazil.

The Event


Before a crowded audience, notable community leaders, members of the public, and elected officials of the City of Danbury were in attendance. City Council President Peter Buzaid (D); Councilwoman at Large Diane LaPine (D); Councilman at Large Barry Rickert (D); Councilman at Large Ryan Hawley (D); Councilman Ward 1 Dennis Perkins; Councilman Ward 1 Irving M. Fox (R); Councilman at Large Shaun Ratchford (D), and Danbury Mayor Roberto Alves (D) addressed various concerns and questions raised by attendees. Detailed discussions were held regarding the different issues affecting city residents and potential solutions.

Jackie Cabrera, a young Dominican-American Democrat who was professionally trained as a sociologist and psychologist, was elected by the Democratic Party in the November 7, 2023 elections as a member of the Zoning Commission of the city of Danbury, Connecticut. She intervened on behalf of a family dealing with the process of moving homes and was unaware of the existence of the city’s Rent Commission and how it can assist those in need with rent. Cabrera requested the mayor explain the various programs the municipality offers to help needy families.

During his turn, Mr. Village, a Danbury resident, discussed the traffic chaos in the city center. He highlighted the congestion on streets leading to and from Highway 84, mainly exits five and six in both directions, which he described as deplorable for drivers. He expressed support for businesses entering the area but voiced concerns about a proposed car lot due to existing congestion. He emphasized the potential benefits of attracting more investment to the city center in terms of taxes and revenue.

A resident of Danbury, identifying himself as a former city police officer, raised concerns about the lack of equipment for debris removal services and salt spreading to prevent street freezing, posing a danger to residents. This issue worsened when streets were paved without addressing drainage problems.

Another resident suggested establishing an office to serve as a liaison for addressing community issues with the Danbury mayor’s office, to which Mayor Roberto L. Alves provided a proper response.

In a bulletin distributed beforehand to participating leaders, the mayor presented updates on his administration, which began in December 2023. Plans to pave roads and undertake urban infrastructure development projects long demanded by Danbury residents will soon commence.

Additionally, the bulletin detailed the hosting of culturally significant events for the city’s converging communities, such as celebrating festivals including San Gennaro, Greek and Irish festivals, Portugal Day, and more.

Mayor Roberto L. Alves addressed the imminent arrival of Danbury’s budget season, a topic of high interest for his administration, which has been discussed in various previous meetings, including the City Council and through the press. He expressed the challenging situation he inherited upon taking office after years of poor planning in municipal government, exacerbating the issues being addressed. “Our city faces tough times ahead,” the mayor’s bulletin explicitly states.

In January 2023, following audits in late 2021 and 2022, Danbury came under the supervision of the Municipal Finance Advisory Commission of the State Office of Policy and Management. This commission is responsible for determining the municipality’s financial difficulties and reviews budgets, accounting, fiscal management practices, and any other relevant information regarding the municipality’s budgetary condition. Since then, the city has met with MFAC almost every month to provide updates on the city’s delayed audits, including those from 2023.

“One of the first things I did when I took office in December was to attend a meeting with MEA, meetings with the finance department, Danbury Public Schools, and our AUC to clarify that the old ways were not working and we needed help,” the document accessed by El Faro Latino newspaper stated.



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