Rev. Rubén Díaz Endorses Dr. Yomare Polanco as Overseas Deputy


New York: Dr. Yomare Polanco, a candidate for overseas deputy for the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), received support from the renowned Reverend Rubén Díaz, president of the Hispanic Ministers Association of New York. For this purpose, he formed a union with the International Chaplains Alliance, presided over by Reverend Luis Paniagua, the two most potent organizations with the most significant number of parishioners in the United States.


“There is a Dominican who, whenever this organization holds an activity, has always been willing to help. I want to introduce this Dominican who has always been there to help. When the Dominican Republic has been impacted by national tragedies, that Dominican has always been bringing trucks and humanitarian aid. When Hurricane Maria affected our island of Puerto Rico, that Dominican was bringing trucks with humanitarian provisions,” recognized Reverend Rubén Díaz.


“I believe we should give Caesar what belongs to Caesar. And when we have needed him, he has been there, right? When tragedies from atmospheric phenomena occur in our islands, which are hurricane corridors, Yomare Polanco is always with us, filling trucks, no matter which country is affected. He has demonstrated this with his aid, for example, to Honduras and other countries,” Diaz acknowledged.

“I want to welcome Dr. Yomare Polanco with a vigorous applause today. He should be elected as overseas deputy in the upcoming Dominican elections on May 19th.


Next, Yomare Polanco took the floor to thank the endorsers and assure them that he would not disappoint them. He invited them to mark box four completely: the PRD, the party that nominates him as overseas deputy.

“Today, on behalf of the International Chaplains Alliance, chaired by Bishop Luis Paniagua and as president of the Hispanic Ministers Organization of New York, along with all the ministers present at this solemn event, we publicly want to tell the world that these two evangelical coalitions, the largest ones, join together to ask every minister, every evangelical in the city of New York, and if they are Dominican, to go out and vote on Sunday, May 19th, and make sure that of the three overseas deputies they are going to choose, one of them is Dr. Yomare Polanco,” Reverend Rubén Diaz requested when publicly endorsing Polanco.



Polanco also received endorsements from Pastor Sabino and other influential Christian ministers who have confirmed that they will endorse Yomare Polanco’s candidacy. Reverend Luis Paniagua of the International Chaplains Alliance in Brooklyn has also organized an event for the proclamation of Yomare Polanco as the deputy of that congregation on March 31st; Reverend Oscar Guerrero of the Elizabeth Church in New Jersey is endorsing Yomare Polanco along with his congregation on April 7th. Meanwhile, Reverend Alejandro Benjamín and his congregation will endorse Yomare Polanco’s candidacy on April 14th in Paterson, New Jersey.

It is important to note that each of these evangelical ministers controls dozens of churches in equal numbers of cities and states.



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