The cousin who accompanied the professor is also accused of the death of Esmeralda Richiez.


The Public Ministry also accused the cousin of professor John Kelly Martínez, accused of causing the death of the adolescent Esmeralda Richiez.

This is Rubiel Morrillo Martínez, who, according to the prosecution body’s file, accompanied her relative for a walk on the beach with the minor and several of her friends the night before she died.
Today the Public Ministry deposited before the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention Services of Higüey the request for a measure of coercion against a teacher and his cousin.
The Prosecutor’s Office requested 12 months of preventive detention against Professor John Kelly Martínez, the main defendant, while against Rubiel Morrillo Martínez, it requested the imposition of periodic presentation.

After Esmeralda’s death, it emerged that the teenager left her home accompanied by her teacher, her cousin, and several of her friends with the supposed intention of taking a walk on the beach, which has raised suspicions about the relationship between the young woman and the defendant.
The father of the minor, Eligio Richiez Castillo, says that her daughter returned home bleeding on Sunday night after going for a walk with the teacher and other of her friends.


Sitting on her bed and leaving her stained, they asked her what was wrong with her. She said that she only had her period, and then they gave her sanitary pads.

Things got complicated. A few minutes later, at the stroke of midnight, the unpregnant minor spoke to someone on the phone, telling her that she felt fine and that the maneuver had been successful. However, she was found dead in the bathroom by her relatives.


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