They ratify the call to strike Tuesday and Wednesday in San Francisco Macorís while authorities try to avoid it.


San Francisco de Macorís, DR: Given the call for a 48-hour strike in the municipality of San Francisco de Macorís, the authorities assure that they are complying with the promised works and have reiterated their willingness to dialogue; At the same time, popular groups ratified the work stoppage on March 7 and 8 in that distinction.

The meeting of the officials lasted for more than an hour, offering details of the work they are carrying out in this distinction and the projects awaiting execution, given the call for a 48-hour strike made by the FALPO.

“We have emphasized for more than 15 days trying to reach a dialogue…UNIT…. We are working and we will continue working and we will not rest until we finish, conclude, and also do the works that are on the agenda for the Duarte province”, say the authorities of the Duarte province.


“The requests made by the popular groups, and this has been demonstrated here, that the majority of the works are being carried out, and we do not understand why these requests are fair to call for a strike 7 and 8, they indicate.

Meanwhile, the FALPO leaders stated that it is no longer time to talk with the authorities but rather to attend to the demands of the different sectors that have withdrawn from joining the fight called on Tuesday, March 7, and Wednesday, March 8, throughout the municipality.


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