Cherelle Parker to speak after securing Democratic nomination for Philly mayor


Black Cherelle Parker wins the Philadelphia Mayoral primary.


PHILADELPHIA, PA—Backed by senior leaders of the Democratic Party {PD}, voters of some unions, members of democratic organizations, and personalities from diverse Hispanic communities, African-American Cherelle Parker recently won a convincing electoral victory in the mayoral primary election of the City of Brotherly Love.


The new community leader Cherelle Parker was confirmed as the winner of this electoral contest after the Philadelphia County Election Commission granted her 32.89 percent of the votes deposited in the polls by her voters on Tuesday, May 16, current year.

After securing an electoral victory for her, the Democratic Party {PD}, Philadelphia unions, members of community organizations, local political leaders, and Democratic personalities, in a brief intervention during a well-attended celebration, Cherelle Parker thanked all those people who trusted her and deposited their votes to favor her.

With this landslide electoral victory won by Cherelle Parker, it is effectively demonstrated that the Democratic Party {PD} continues to be a very strong political organization and a very tough nut to crack in Philadelphia.

The Democratic Party {PD} in the State of Pennsylvania is a very strong political institution, quite organized and particularly in Philadelphia County, where in the last four decades, it has not lost a single electoral contest.

State Representative Danilo Burgos.

For the Democrats residing in this geographical environment, located in the extreme south of the state, it is already an old tradition to win the elections for the Mayoralty and other important elective positions in this jurisdiction, inhabited mostly by Afro-Americans and other minor ethnic groups.

The Viejetes **Old Political Foxes** and top leaders of the Democratic Party {PD} specifically in North Philadelphia, led by the new Democratic leader Danilo Burgos, State Representative for the 197th Legislative District, did an enormous and effective job of political orientation to direct voters to go out and vote for the Democratic candidates voted on last Tuesday, May 16.

In the State of Pennsylvania and especially in the City of Brotherly Love, the Democratic Party {PD} has organized hundreds of militants and members for more than four decades, better known as; ** Old Foxes and Political Militants almost now, Worn out by the Passage of the years ** who most of the time, direct their subordinates.

“In his constant investigative and journalistic tasks in the State of Pennsylvania, the Redaction Central Metropolitana de Noticias ***RCM-Noticias*** has discovered that Danilo Burgos, since he became involved in the political affairs of this region, carries out a job very committed, quite respectful and very serious in favor of the communities he represents in the 197th Legislative District”.

“In this way, we also make sure that the official political functions granted to Danilo Burgos produced the expected results and that was how; the former Democratic governor, Tom Wolff, assigned him official functions for the area of Hispanic ethnic groups and at the suggestion of the state government later, US President Joe Biden, also delegated some official tasks to him.”



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