Dominican Agenda highlights the fight against drug trafficking and drug use of the president of the DNCD recognized in “Viva la Patria” 2023


By Miguel Cruz Tejada

NEW YORK._ The community organization Agenda Dominicana highlighted the success in the fight against drug trafficking and drug use in the Dominican Republic of Vice Admiral José Manuel Cabrera Ulloa (ARD), president of the National Directorate for Drug Control (DNCD) and who was recognized as a Hero of the Homeland at the Viva la Patria event on Sunday, February 26.

The president of Agenda Dominicana, Dr. Félix Jerez, said that the career of the senior official at the head of the DNCD is contributing to a significant reduction in international and national trafficking, micro-trafficking in the country’s colonies and the transfer of “mules” in The airports.


He said that the statistics published by the DNCD on its web platform show print numbers on the seizures of thousands of kilos of cocaine, fentanyl, marijuana, and other psychotropic drugs, stripping drug leaders in the Dominican Republic and abroad of shipments with what that the state agency substantially eliminates the threat that these drugs will hit the streets to be sold and kill users by overdose.

Jerez, who presented the recognition to the soldier, explained that Vice Admiral Cabrera Ulloa, one of the high-profile soldiers the Dominican Navy recognizes, maintains a firm and incorruptible position against the drug lords who seek to soften those like the president of the DNCD, act with absolute transparency.

“The positive impact of the brilliant work of Vice Admiral Ulloa Cabrera is felt even in the United States, where the detention of mules that were frequently seized at airports has been reduced, mainly in New York, New Jersey and Boston, thanks to the dedicated work of the DNCD in the Dominican Republic,” added Jerez.

“The trafficking and transfer of narcotics in the Dominican Republic is almost controlled, thanks to the joint efforts of the local authorities and the United States. To all this we must recognize the work of Vice Admiral Cabrera Ulloa, a trained and highly valued official”, said Jerez.

The community activist and organizer of “Viva la Patria” also explained that the DEA, the FBI, and other international agencies from different countries, including the European Union, had recognized the work of Cabrera Ulloa.

“Officials like the director of the DNCD defend the transparency of the State, and in President Abinader he has a perfect ally,” added Jerez, a former New York City inspector.

The president of Agenda Dominicana maintained that with the control of psychopharmaceuticals, millions of lives are saved.

Jerez offered his statements after congratulating Vice Admiral Cabrera Ulloa for being recognized at the “Viva la Patria” event by the 13th district congressional office represented by Adriano Espaillat, held in a New York restaurant.


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