Institutional Democratic Party (PDI) shows its power by swearing into a full house of its Political Directorate in the US.


Hightstown, NJ: The Institutional Democratic Party (PDI) celebrated on Saturday, June 24, 2023, the swearing-in of its political leadership of the #1 constituency belonging to the United States in a full house event that was attended by Dr. Ismael Reyes, national president of the PDI and Dr. Yomare Polanco, federal president for the United States and Canada.


“I swear and promise, before God and the Fatherland, to work resolutely and dedicatedly from today to make Doctor Yomare Polanco the next deputy in the National Congress for constituency #1 abroad so that the diaspora can have a voice serious and responsible defending the interests of Dominicans who live in the United States. If I do so, may God, the country and the party reward me. If I don’t do it, let them judge us”, repeated all those sworn in by Dr. Ismael Reyes in the act.


“The process of growth and registration of new members of our glorious Institutional Democratic Party (PDI) began to never stop. This is already the second massive swearing in that we have done and we will continue in the next states, day by day, week after week and month after month to manage to place our party in the number one seat of the diaspora with a view to the 2024 elections”, said Dr. Yomare Polanco.

Principal leaders Sworn into the act of the state of New Jersey:

The highest-ranking leaders sworn in at this act were: Cirilo Céspedes, Rafael García, Niurka Estévez; Jesús Bolién, Leopoldo Navarro, Mercedes Valdez, David Lebrón, Rafael de la Cruz, Dalmacio De la Cruz, Executive Vice President; Ray Flores, Esperanza Martinez
Víctor Torres, George Pichardo, Juan De los Santos, Cristóbal Abreu, Marcos Pérez, Joel Cruz, Hilda Mejía, Alejandro García, among others.

Presence of leaders from other states at the swearing-in ceremony of New Jersey

Among the participating Leaders from other states were: David Feliz Lantigua from Virginia; Jose Puello from Washington, DC.; Altagracia Almonte, from Georgia; Giovanni Peguero, from Ohio; Carlos Pena, from Delaware;
Jose Luna, from Pennsylvania; Manuel Ortiz, from Rhode Island; Glenys Benítez, from Massachusetts; Pastor Oscar Guerrero, Coordinator of New Jersey; Ismael Alberto Reyes, of New Rochelle, NY, Secretary General of the PDI; Juan Mañón, Vice President of District #1.


Representatives of other parties in support of the delegation of Yomare Polanco

The great event was also attended by leaders of other political organizations that openly supported the candidacy of Dr. Yomare Polanco as deputy. From constituency #1 in the US and Canada, including Juan Trini Tejeda, from the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), member of the Central Committee (CC); Jenny Gómez, Press Secretary in New York City for the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD); Francisco Sánchez, representing the Fuerza del Pueblo (FP) party, Secretary General of Mercer County, New Jersey

The swearing-in event began at 4:00 p.m., concluded at 7:00 p.m., and was held at 125 Main St. in Hightstown, New Jersey, at the First Baptist Church Heightstown-East Windsor Historical Society.



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