Ready the calendars for trials on the Super Tucano and Antipulpo


“In the case of the planes, General Pedro Rafael Peña Antonio, Colonel Carlos Piccini Núñez, businessman Daniel Aquino Hernández and the companies 4D Business Group and Magycor are charged.”


The Fourth Collegiate Court of the National District set for the next days, August 3, 7, and 10, the knowledge of the hearings of the new substantive trial that follows the defendants in the case of the Super Tucano aircraft.


The Court established the calendar for those three days, beginning at 9:00 in the morning to conclude with the process followed by those accused.

The defendants in the case include retired Major General Pedro Rafael Peña Antonio, former Defense Minister; Colonel Carlos Piccini Núñez, former director of special projects of the Dominican Air Force (FAD); businessman Daniel Aquino Hernández and the companies 4D Business Group and Magycor.

The Collegiate Court seized the case after the First Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeal of the National District annulled the discharge in favor of the accused issued by the Third Collegiate Court of the National District in May 2022.

The CouCourtdered, the holding of a new trial, starting from scratch, after accepting an appeal filed by Wilson Camacho, head of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Administrative Corruption (Pepca), against the couCourtat produced the discharge.


The Second Collegiate Court of the National District established a calendar to hear the substantive trial against Alexis Medina Sánchez and the others involved in the Antipulpo case.

He ordered that the hearings be held on Monday and Wednesday of each week at 9:00 in the morning.

Likewise, they postponed the hearing until August 30, at 9:00 in the morning, so that the defendant Alexis Medina, who came to courCourth dark glasses, be treated for possible conjunctivitis conditions.

In the same way, the courCourtected a request from the lawyer Richard Martínez, who represents Alexis Medina, who sought to postpone the hearing to restore the deadlines.

He argued that since the lawyer raised several incidents after being appointed instead of lawyer Carlos Salcedo, it is illogical that the hearing for the reinstatement of the deadline is now postponed to prepare his defense.



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