A former Dominican employee of the “Smith & Wesson” armory and accomplices accused of arms and cocaine trafficking


By Miguel Cruz Tejada

NEW YORK._ A Dominican identified as Euclides Castillo, a former employee of the famous armory (arms factory), Smith & Wesson, was arrested along with two accomplices, José García and Eduardo Hernández, for trafficking real and phantom weapons and 560 grams of cocaine that Hernandez tried to sell.
Mayor Eric Adams, the state’s attorney general, Letitia James, the police commissioner, and other senior officers and officials offered details of the operation at a press conference on Wednesday.
They said none of the weapons seized from the trio are “Smith & Wesson” brand and that AR-15 high-powered rifles are in the armory.
Hernández, 29, resides in Queens, Garcia, 46, in Massachusetts, and Castillo, 30, in Florida, and allegedly conspired to transport the weapons from Massachusetts to New York and sell them in and around the city between March 2021. and July 2022, prosecutor James said.
Authorities explained that Castillo used his previous work experience to instruct buyers on assembling and operating illegal weapons.
On several occasions, the weapons were sold outside Hernandez’s home in Jamaica (Queens), sometimes at noon.
“These dangerous weapons were being sold in neighborhoods where families live and children play,” said Prosecutor James.
Fourteen of the 19 weapons were sold to undercover police officers.
The officers recovered: nine 9mm semi-automatic pistols, eight of which were ghost weapons, seven AR-15 rifles, four homemade, two .45 pistols and one 12-gauge sawed-off shotgun, and six high-capacity magazines.
Hernandez was also arrested for allegedly trying to sell more than 560 grams of cocaine, authorities said.
“The work on this case to eradicate guns and stop gun violence in the communities we serve has continued to make New York City safer,” said Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell.
The 123-count indictment holds the three men responsible for criminal firearms sales.
The prosecutor, the mayor, and the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force identified the weapons and drugs being sold illegally in the city and county of Westchester as part of the operation dismantled by law enforcement agencies.



NEW YORK._ NY State Attorney Letitia James, Mayor Adams, Police Commissioner, and other senior officials announce the capture of the trio of arms and drug dealers. (Photo Attorney General State of NY).


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