Eligio Jáquez and Dr. Lantigua foresee Abinader’s triumph after swearing in PRM Pennsylvania campaign command.


Philadelphia, PA: The campaign coordinator for the reelection of Dominican President Luis Abinader in the #1 constituency of the United States and member of the National Executive Committee of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Eligio Jáquez, said Sunday afternoon, February 25th, that Abinader is guaranteed victory in the elections scheduled for May 19th.


Jáquez made these statements with Dr. Rafael Lantigua, finance director of the Reelection Command in the United States, after leaving the PRM headquarters in Philadelphia following the swearing-in of the Pennsylvania Section Campaign Command of that political organization in the city of brotherly love.



“Well, as you may have seen, it is recurrent; it is an event every time we swear someone in, and it is because the venues always turn out small. And that’s good, because it’s not just about the quantity, but the enthusiasm that people put in and the harmony that exists, the desire for participation driven by the illusion and confidence that President Luis Abinader generates,” Eligio Jáquez said exclusively to El Faro Latino media.

“Our president inspires a lot of respect and confidence, a lot of security due to his dedication and the eagerness for transparency. So here, yesterday (Saturday 24th), there was an oath ceremony for a group of leaders. Dozens of La Fuerza del Pueblo leaders (FP) joined and worked with us. And this afternoon, the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) is coming, which is ultimately just a step because it was the same party as ours. They have taken longer than expected, but ultimately, they return,” said Jáquez.

“So, I see that every day the hope of a great electoral victory for Luis Abinader is more consolidated because he has accurately, correctly, and timely represented all the aspirations of the national community and the community abroad as well,” concluded Eligio Jáquez, coordinator of President Luis Abinader’s reelection in the #1 constituency of the United States.

Dr. Rafael Lantigua

On his part, Dr. Rafael Lantigua, a respected and conspicuous historical leader and founder of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), finance director of the Campaign Command for constituency #1 of the United States, also added upon leaving the swearing-in ceremony of the Pennsylvania Section Campaign Command that in the many years he has been visiting this area, since the early days of his visits accompanying Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez, he had not seen such powerful machinery as shown at the event where dozens of people were sworn in.

“I know this city very well. I accompanied Dr. Peña Gómez many times to come here, and even as federal president of the former party, I came here many times, right? The Pennsylvania constituency was much smaller than it is today. It was only Philadelphia, Allentown, and Camden in southern New Jersey. Nowadays, it has expanded a lot, but I had never seen so much enthusiasm. Not only among the leaders but also among so many young people and women who have joined the work of the Pennsylvania section,” said Dr. Rafael Lantigua.

“Our president and presidential candidate, Luis Abinader, has generated a type of enthusiasm, of confidence that has left no doubt about his government’s effort to benefit the Dominican community abroad. For example, the extensions of the consulates have brought abroad the Dominican institutions that the diaspora uses most frequently, which generally operate in consulate delegations so that they can be accessible to various Dominicans who demand these vital services,” he added.

“Initiatives like the OPEN SKY initiative that President Abinader has taken, a management project to strengthen the aviation industry in the Dominican Republic with a ‘HUB’ law, so that national and international airlines strengthen their activities in the country, which will result in an immediate reduction in airfare prices, which has been a demand from the diaspora for many years, are actions that connect President Abinader with the Dominican community abroad,” noted Dr. Lantigua.

He said that Luis Abinader has been considered a ‘municipal’ president. Still, Dr. Lantigua is an ‘internationalist’ president who has indeed followed in the footsteps of José Francisco Peña Gómez bridge, who understood to put PEOPLE FIRST, who also understood that Dominicans have spread beyond the 48,000 km2 of the island and has put his heart into increasing the quality of life of the diaspora,” expressed Dr. Lantigua exclusively to El Faro Latino media before adding: “We appreciate the president for these efforts that he organizes through the Presidency. Imagine Luis Abinader 4 more years without the pandemic and the war between Ukraine and Russia. He will undoubtedly make all the changes and transformations that our country needs to achieve the development we so desire,” he concluded.

The Reelection Campaign Command for Abinader in the #1 constituency of the United States is composed of Eligio Jáquez, general campaign coordinator; Rafaela Gómez and overseas deputy Servia Iris Familia, assistants; Dr. Rafael Lantigua, finance director; Neftalí Fuerte, advisor to the Executive Power on Dominican Community Affairs Abroad, who will also accompany Faride Raful in the three overseas constituencies. The state presidents of the sections will be responsible for the campaign in each constituency in the USA.

Jáquez and that team began a tour of the entire constituency, swearing in the commands of the state sections that will extend throughout the East Coast until reaching Canada. They are always accompanied by overseas deputy candidates Norberto Rodríguez, Kenia Bidó, Cirilo Moronta, and a group of historical leaders, such as Antonio Jáquez and José Torres (Bigote).

The Pennsylvania Section Campaign Command comprised Nelson Filpo, president; Daniel Croussett, general secretary; and Ramón Marte, organization secretary.

At the swearing-in, the presence of Andres Bautista, Ad Vitam president of the PRM and former president of the Dominican Senate; Dominican Consul General in Pennsylvania, Alexis Henríquez, Nelson Cuello, Roque Iván Rondón Castro, communications secretary of the PRM of Pennsylvania; Nilba Sánchez, José Fortuna, Félix Sánchez, Dr. Sócrates Díaz, Tomasina Sosa, Leonardo Henríquez, director of INDEX Pennsylvania, Yahaira Alcántara, political campaign supervisor for the state of Pennsylvania; Dalma Vitiello, campaign command coordinator, among other leaders, was notable.

This is a developing story; please return to this newspaper for more updates.



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