Influential Latino Entrepreneur Asserts that RFK JR Will Save Small and Medium Industry in the USA


By Esteban Cabrera, special for The Kennedy Beacon 

In the quest for a response from the economic players of Latin-owned businesses in the United States regarding the impact of the economic downturn caused by the Biden administration and their opinions on the economic healing proposal of independent candidate RFK Jr., we interviewed Dr. Yomare Polanco, a prominent Latino entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Yomare Polanco is the president-founder of Fibrasina USA Inc./Polanco Industries Inc., which was established in New Jersey in October 2006. The company has 253 direct employees and over 1,000 indirect employees. Its annual sales have been around 10 million dollars in the last three years. His industry specializes in the manufacturing of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products.

He is a significant business, political, and community leader, former counselor minister of the government of the Dominican Republic to the Organization of American States (OAS), and a candidate for overseas deputy by the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD). (The Dominican diaspora elects seven deputies who then legislate from the Dominican Congress for four years, representing this community in the United States, Latin America-Puerto Rico, and the European Union. Dr. Polanco has an excellent opportunity to achieve this goal in the upcoming Dominican elections abroad in May).

Polanco begins by stating that the Latino community plays a crucial role in the economic landscape of the United States, and their interest in the economic healing proposal of independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is undeniable. He asserts that Latinos have contributed significantly to the country’s economic growth, workforce, and cultural diversity.

Understanding the interest of the Latino community in RFK JR’s political proposals on housing crisis, Environment, Honest Government, Reconciliation, bringing soldiers home, closing the border and ending the humanitarian crisis, civil liberties, racial healing, and reversing the decline of the United States is crucial. The relationship between the deterioration of the U.S. economy and Latino entrepreneurs can be complex and varied, depending on factors such as industry sector, geographical location, and the specific nature of the businesses involved.

Dr. Yomare Polanco begins his account exclusively for The Kennedy Beacon, stating that the Latino community has faced unique economic challenges, especially during periods of recession. Factors such as lack of access to equitable job opportunities, educational barriers, and discrimination have affected many Latinos in their pursuit of financial stability. Therefore, the healing of the U.S. economy proposed by RFK JR represents the possibility of overcoming these difficulties and creating a more inclusive environment.

He adds that Bobby Kennedy’s proposal on job creation is a crucial aspect for the Latino community, and their interest in economic recovery focuses on generating stable and well-paying job opportunities. Promoting policies that foster equality in the workplace and eliminating discriminatory barriers are vital aspects that the Latino community supports to achieve significant economic recovery. Difficult economic conditions can hinder Latino entrepreneurs’ access to loans and financing, limiting their ability to expand or maintain their operations.

Polanco continues by stating that the healing of the U.S. economy is also linked to health and well-being issues, and he believes that the Latino community has experienced inequalities in access to healthcare. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted these disparities. Kennedy’s interest in a healthy economy extends to the need for policies that address healthcare inequities and strengthen the community’s resilience to future health challenges. As the economy weakens, people may experience a decrease in their purchasing power. This can reduce the demand for goods and services, affecting Latino businesses that rely on consumption.

Dr. Yomare Polanco supported Biden in 2020; in 2024, he is determined to support RFK JR.

Polanco confesses to having supported Biden and the Democrats in the 2020 elections, of which he is not very happy today. He claims that the Biden administration has plunged the country into an unprecedented economic crisis, and the U.S. fiscal deficit is expected to increase to $1.846 trillion in 2024. He says that this would represent approximately 102 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), bringing us close to the point of no return.

As a significant industrial investor, Dr. Polanco confesses that for some years now, he has been concerned about the economic decline that the Biden administration has subjected the United States to, whose public debt reached the threshold of $34.06 trillion, as updated by the Treasury Department on January 3, 2024. Similarly, he is concerned about the deep division that the Democratic and Republican parties have subjected the American people to. Polanco believes it is necessary to heal the deep wounds that the establishment from Washington inflicted on us.

The politician and entrepreneur reflects that most Americans do not vote for a candidate but for the electoral punishment of another. Therefore, voters fluctuated from one side to the other because they did not have a third option. He cites some results from the latest Gallup poll, where Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appears with a popularity index of 52%, emerging as the undisputed favorite. The estimated advantage places RFK Jr. ahead of other candidates, with 42% for Trump and 41% for Biden, emphasizing the undeniable viability of his campaign.

Polanco is not oblivious to that reality, with the only difference that, in the current political scenario, there is a third option, which is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of former President John F. Kennedy and son of former presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, both assassinated in office and much loved by the Latino community.

“I identify with the political proposals of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. because he is proposing to expand free childcare to millions of families, which would enable our employees to stay in their workplace; Reduce housing costs by $1000 per family and make homeownership affordable; Reduce energy prices by restricting natural gas exports; Support small businesses by redirecting regulatory scrutiny towards large corporations; Secure the border and stop illegal immigration so that undocumented immigrants do not reduce wages. All these proposals by RFK JR are of interest to us Latino entrepreneurs,” expressed the community and business leader, Dr. Yomare Polanco.

Polanco believes that RFK Jr. has a real opportunity to win a three-way race in November.

When asked about the viability of RFK Jr.’s candidacy for the November elections, Yomare Polanco replied that Bobby Kennedy had already demonstrated enough viability. He has been growing in the polls, exceeding expectations, and garnering significant support from various communities, including white Americans, Christians, Protestants, Jews, Catholics, Blacks, Asians, Slavs, Native Americans, and Hispanics. Polanco expressed, “The country is facing a political phenomenon that opens a new proselytizing perspective because Bobby Kennedy is looking voters in the eyes and telling them the raw truth, unlike the Republicans and Democrats who are known for deception.”

The Harvard CAPS-Harris poll revealed that RFK Jr. leads the favorability list with 35%, ahead of figures like Donald Trump (21%), Elon Musk (29%), Joe Biden (24%), and 22 other personalities. 52% of respondents have a favorable opinion of Kennedy, while 27% have an unfavorable opinion. Kennedy also received the highest net favorability rating, with 25 points.

According to Polanco, November will see a historic three-way showdown between Biden, Trump, and Bobby. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could win against the first two, becoming the second independently elected president after George Washington (1789-1797). He notes that as President Biden declines in the polls among minorities and the youth, Trump surpasses him. However, the most exciting aspect is that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is gaining ground in those same demographic segments, approaching both Trump and Biden.

The renowned businessman mentioned that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s electoral proposals interest small, medium, and large Latino entrepreneurs. Kennedy’s economic policy is based on the principle that “hardworking people should be able to afford a decent life.” Polanco agrees with RFK Jr. when he raises concerns that a manual worker with a high school education cannot support a family, take vacations, and save for retirement.

Expressing concern about the cost of living, Bobby Kennedy questions how technology has increased productivity, yet life is poorer and not richer than in the sixties. Dr. Yomare Polanco echoes Kennedy’s postulate about the possibility of restoring the American middle class by reversing the mistakes of the last 50 years. As a Latino entrepreneur, Polanco is deeply concerned about the economic breakdown in the United States, driven by the prevailing corruption in Washington, destabilizing the country’s financial stability in favor of large corporations, enriching the wealthiest and creating more poor people.

Polanco describes RFK Jr. as a charming individual who convinces voters when he asserts that wealth inequality in the country is at its highest threshold in 100 years. Over 60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, with no savings for emergencies, and even repairing the family car can lead them to bankruptcy.

Finally, Dr. Yomare Polanco thanked American Values 2024 Super PAC and The Kennedy Beacon for this interview. He expressed his commitment to endorse RFK Jr. and collaborate in whatever is necessary for this electrifying candidate to ascend the steps of the White House as the elected 47th president on January 20, 2025. “To make America great again!”

Esteban Cabrera is a consultant for American Values 2024, funded by The Kennedy Beacon.



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