Last minute! PRO-ERD decides in an extraordinary assembly to sue the judges of the Constitutional Court in the DR and the International Court


New York: The Project We Demand Respect for the Diaspora (PRO-ERD) unanimously took advantage of the night of this Monday, March 27, to approve various legal actions against the magistrates and the TC itself, except for Rafael Díaz Filpo, whose vote was dissenting.
The magistrates who will be accused are:
Milton L. Ray Guevara, presiding judge.
Lino Vásquez Sámuel, Second Substitute Judge.
Victor Joaquin Castellanos Pizano, Judge.
José Alejandro Ayuso, Judge.
Alba Luisa Barba Marcos, Judge.
Manuel Ulises Bonnelly Vega, Judge.
Justo Pedro Castellanos Khoury, Judge.
Domingo Antonio Gil, Judge.
María del Carmen Santana de Cabrera, Judge.
Miguel Anibal Valera Montero, Judge.
José Alejandro Vargas Guerrero, Judge.
Eunisis Vásquez Acosta, Judge.
As a result of a ruling by that high court that catalogs (PRO-ERD) in the category of organization, party, or political movement, which was interpreted by the Board of Directors of that organization, meeting on Monday night, as defamation of good character of (PRO-ERD) since it is a non-profit and charitable, apolitical organization that seeks to denounce and fight against evil characters, political parties and organizations, such as the TC, where the distribution of political quotas of crime is evident Dominican politician.
This is a developing story; Check this newspaper for more updates.



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