PDI chooses Reverend Oscar Aquiles Guerrero as supervisor of the state of New Jersey


Jackson, NJ: On Tuesday afternoon, May 30, the Federal President for the United States and Canada of the Institutional Democratic Party (PDI), Dr. Yomare Planco, swore in the renowned Reverend Oscar Aquiles Guerrero Ureña, spiritual teacher and current Secretary General of the Council of Latino Pastors and Ministers of the State of New Jersey, by ABCNJ, USA, AMERICAN BAPTIST CHURCH OF NEW JERSEY.

“It is a great satisfaction and honor that the PDI can count on the Latino religious leadership of the state of New Jersey. I take this opportunity to thank Pastor Oscar Guerrero for his trust in our party and leadership. We know that the multiplier effect for our organization is sealed and guaranteed with the swearing-in at this time of Reverend Guerrero. On behalf of the PDI and our president, Ismael Reyes, and the Dominican diaspora in the US, we welcome this extraordinary religious leader who leads hundreds of Latino religious organizations in the state of New Jersey”, said Dr. Yomare Polanco at the time of swearing in the Reverend, Oscar Aquiles Guerrero Ureña.

“I am more than satisfied with this choice, with this honor that the Institutional Democratic Party (PDI) and Dr. Yomare Polanco give me to join a team that has always been a winner, as Dr. Yomare Polanco has been, to who I have told him that the expectations I have by accepting this challenge is that the PDI makes a significant contribution to the cleansing of the Dominican political spectrum, severely damaged and corrupted, which encloses a feeling of the diaspora and the Dominican people to eradicate corruption and political perversion of the Dominican electoral system,” exclaimed Oscar Guerrero at the time of being sworn in by Dr. Yomare Polanco as the political chief of the PDI in the state of New Jersey.


Pastor Oscar Aquiles Guerrero Ureña was born and raised in Alma Rosa, Santo Domingo, educated in a Home with extremely conservative parents, a family of merchants, and a lot of hard work, based on Christianity, from where he received the call, graduating later in theological studies, having completed a bachelor’s degree in computer science, not graduated in O&M, but graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree from MINS in Miami FL, and Boston in Family Counseling.

Today, Oscar Guerrero is a husband, father of three children, and Pastor, whose Reverend title he earned at New Chaplan International.

He is the current secretary general of the Council of Latino Pastors and Ministers of the State of New Jersey, by ABCNJ, USA, AMERICAN BAPTIST CHURCH OF NEW JERSEY. He is the spiritual teacher at New Heights Christian Church.


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